Cotton Candy Lip Butter
Cotton Candy Lip Butter

Cotton Candy Lip Butter

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Make your day that much sweeter every time you apply this deliciously sweet Cotton Candy lip butter.


How To Use: 

Push finger slightly into balm, creating a welt. Swipe a pea sized amount onto lips. Smooth lips together and wait for the magic to happen.


Why It's Amazing:

  • Our lip butters are cruelty free, paraben and phthalate free, dermatologist tested, and made for super long lasting smooth-ness.
  • Our 4-in-1 Butter quadruples as a lip balm, overnight lip treatment, dry skin perfector, and lipstick primer.
  • Apply a thick layer onto your lips before bed as an overnight lip treatment and wake up to the best lips you've seriously ever seen.
  • Our multipurpose balm can be put on essentially any dry area on your body. It's thick texture allows for a little to go a really long way.
  • Applying a quick swipe before putting on lipstick primes the lips and allows for a nice smooth application.
  • Our lip butters are handmade in small batches so each one is uniquely made for you. No two are exactly the same.
  • Our balms work for all skin types.



Beeswax: protects skin from irritants while allowing the skin to breathe.

Shea Butter: nourishes and moisturizes.

Sweet Almond Oil: rejuvenates dead skin cells.

Coconut Oil: replenishes moisture, softens lips.

The ingredients above all contain natural sun protecting properties.


All Ingredients: white petrolatum, beeswax, shea butter, lanolin, natural mineral mica, rutile, pigment, flavor oil.



This lip butter contains mica powder used for color, however there isn't a significant enough amount of it that would color the lips. Additionally, this product is made in a facility that contains nuts. They do not contain nuts, however, an older version of this product had sweet almond oil. Please read the product label on the product you have for specific ingredients.



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